The Bromley Foundation

Charitable Foundation & Philanthropic Organization

The Bromley Foundation is a Massachusetts based I.R.S. §501 (c)(3) family based philanthropy that concentrates on education and the arts since 2009.  

Since its inception, for tax and accounting efficiency reasons, while grant requests are vetted and determined by its board of directors, the actual grants have been made by individual board members.  However, it is anticipated that in 2015, the Foundation will, itself, begin to make grants from its own corpus.

In addition to monetary grants, Foundation members usually donate their time and expertise to their recipients, often as members of the institutions’ boards.

The Foundation is named after Martin J. Bromley, the founder of SEGA
Mr. Bromley

Notable grants:

  • Martin J. Bromley Preceptorship in Music at Eton College
  • Fund for Gender Equality in Athletics at Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Stephen Hinds Veterans Scholarship at Meadowbrook School
  • James Nuzzo and Bryann Bromley Chair for the principal cellist of the Boston Ballet
  • Freshman Piano Program at Harvard University
  • Conductor’s Discretionary Fund at Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra
  • New Foundation program at Eton College

Martin Bromley

Members of the Board have been members of boards and committees at Harvard University, Yale University, Boston Ballet, New England Conservatory, Williams College, Phillips Exeter Academy, Celebrity Series of Boston, La Pietra School, Walnut Hill School, Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, World Fit and Eton College.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals, nor does it accept outside funds.

James L.J. Nuzzo, M.D, J.D., is Chairman and Executive Director of The Bromley Foundation.  A graduate of Yale College, Georgetown School of Medicine and Harvard Law School, Dr. Nuzzo has been Deputy Director of Policy for George H.W. Bush and the founder and Managing Partner of The Colchester Group, a consulting firm that specializes in strategic and public policy consulting.  He is a member of the boards of the Boston Ballet, Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, Harvard Pieran Foundation, the Celebrity Series of Boston and the American Friends of Eton College.  He is presently writing a book on the development of intentional communities in American higher education.